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News Archive - LXI

LXI Consortium Appoints GlobalSign as Approved Security Vendor
July 9, 2019

LXI Consortium Selects GlobalSign as its Device Identity Provider of Choice to Secure all LXI Compliant Devices
June 19, 2017

LXI Self-Certification Launched
April 15, 2019

LXI Consortium Reaches Major Milestone
May 15, 2013

LXI Consortium Announces Upcoming Conference in China
Feb. 13, 2013

LXI Consortium Announces Upcoming Conference in China (Chinese version)
Feb. 13, 2013

RIGOL Technologies Becomes a Strategic Member of the LXI Consortium
Dec. 13, 2012

LXI Consortium Announces Upcoming Plug Fest
Sept. 25, 2012

The LXI Consortium Launches New Website
Sept. 6, 2012

LXI Consortium Announces Adoption of IPv6 Extended Function
July 18, 2012

LXI Consortium Elects Board of Directors and Officers for 2012
November 30, 2011

LXI Consortium Announces Upcoming Webcast, Publishes New Literature
October 12, 2011

LXI Consortium Reaches Milestone of 1,500 Instruments as LXI-Compliant
April 19, 2011

LXI Announces Upcoming Webcast on How to Build Better Ethernet-Based Test Systems
Oct. 14, 2010

LXI Consortium Announces AUTOTESTCON Presentations and New Website
Sept. 13, 2010

LXI Consortium Elects Board and Officers for FY2010
Feb. 9, 2010

LXI Consortium Announces New Resources for Engineers Applying LXI Technology
Feb. 2, 2010

LXI Consortium and Test & Measurement World Magazine Sponsor Free Webcast on Best Practices
September 30, 2009

LXI Consortium Presents Six New Webcasts on the LXI Standard
September 9, 2009

LXI Consortium Presents Webcast on Conformance Testing
August 6, 2009

LXI Consortium Adds University Membership Category
May 27, 2009

LXI Consortium Certifies 1,117 Instruments as LXI-Compliant
March 26, 2009

LXI Consortium Announces the 12th PlugFest and Public LXI Day in Toronto, Ontario
April 15, 2008

Class A and Class B Instruments Assume Prominence at the LXI Consortium 11th General Meeting and PlugFest
March 5, 2008

LXI Consortium Approves New Version of the Standard and Certifies New Products at Tenth PlugFest and General Meeting in Munich, Germany
November 20, 2007

LXI-Equipped Products Achieve $200 Million in Annual Sales in Two Years
September 13, 2007

LXI Consortium Announces Tenth PlugFest and General Meeting -Munich, Germany
September 11, 2007

Podcasts Recap LXI China Meeting
August 22, 2007

LXI Consortium’s Beijing Meeting Draws Record Attendance
July 9, 2007

LXI Consortium’s Eighth PlugFest Looks to the Future of the Technology
February 27, 2007

LXI Consortium's Seventh PlugFest Includes Joint Discussions with ATML Organization
December 6, 2006

Consortium Releases Revision 1.1 of the LXI Standard
November 6, 2006

LXI Consortium Applauds Web Log Hosted by Test & Measurement World Magazine
September 7, 2006

LXI Consortium's Sixth PlugFest Features In-System Testing of Class A and B Devices
August 22, 2006

LXI Consortium's First PlugFest in Europe Shows High Interest Among Vendors, Customers
May 19, 2006

LXI Consortium Joined by Geotest-Marvin Test Systems Inc.
March 20, 2006

First LXI Products Shipped by Agilent Technologies and Elgar Electronics
March 13, 2006

LXI Consortium's Fourth PlugFest Shows Growth in Compliant Products
March 6, 2006

World's First LXI Products Certified and Licensed
December 13, 2005

LXI Consortium's Second PlugFest Propels LXI Standard Forward
September 6, 2005

LXI Consortium Announces Pickering Interfaces as a New Board Member
August 22, 2005

LXI Consortium's First PlugFest Demonstrates Robust LXI Standard
June 9, 2005

LXI Consortium Joined by Symtx
April 28, 2005

ZTEC Instruments Joins LXI Consortium
April 21, 2005

LXI Consortium Joined by Elgar Electronics Corp. (EEC)
March 3, 2005

GÖPEL electronic new member in LXI Consortium
February 16, 2005

LXI Consortium Joined by Racal Instruments, a EADS North America Company
January 24, 2005

LXI Consortium Joined by Rohde & Schwarz
December 15, 2004

LXI Consortium Announces Successful First Open Membership Meeting
December 13, 2004

LXI Consortium to be Joined by Aeroflex
November 10, 2004

LXI Consortium Announces First Membership Meeting
October 18, 2004

LXI Consortium to be Joined by Keithley Instruments
October 12, 2004

Agilent Technologies and VXI Technology Announce Next-Generation LAN-Based Modular Platform Standard for Automated Test Systems
September 14, 2004

Next-Generation LXI Platform Delivers Benefits of Modular Test System with High-Speed LAN Connectivity
September 2004