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LXI Consortium

The LXI Consortium is a not-for-profit corporation initially established by Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent Technologies Electronic Measurement Group) and VTI Instruments (formerly called VXI Technology). The LXI Consortium, Inc. was incorporated on Sept. 13, 2004. Its primary purpose is to promote the development and adoption of the LXI Standard, an open, accessible standard identifying specifications and solutions relating to the functional test, measurement and data acquisition industry.

The Consortium is open to all test and measurement companies, and participation by industry/university professionals, systems integrators, and government representatives is also highly encouraged. Membership is divided into five levels: Strategic, Participating, Advisory, Informational and University.

Since all LXI products are certified as compliant, test engineers are assured that combinations of LXI products will integrate well together and that there is a consistent user experience between products. This is a key advantage of becoming an LXI Consortium member. Other advantages include: use of the LXI logo, increased product exposure, joint marketing activities, etc.

The Worldwide Distribution of LXI Consortium Members

The following graphs illustrate the worldwide distribution and diversity of the LXI membership.


  • To see a list of members, visit the Members page.
  • To learn how to join the LXI Consortium, please link to How to Join.
  • See Bylaws to read about the LXI Consortium’s governance; operating rules and meeting conventions.
  • See LXI Consortium Operating Procedures to read about rules and practices for conducting LXI Consortium business.
  • The LXI Patent Policy defines utility models and other statutory rights based on inventions inside the LXI Consortium; rules for obtaining and defining the standard and LXI trademark licenses.
  • For a list of patent statements and licensing declarations by company and a list of company representatives, please see IP Declaration.
  • All LXI Consortium meetings are conducted in accordance with Antitrust Compliance Guidelines.
  • How to use the LXI Consortium trademark and logo can be found by clicking Trademarks.