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TRADE NEWS: LXI Consortium Endorsed by Keithley Instruments

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 12, 2004 -- The LXI Consortium today announced that Keithley Instruments Inc. (NYSE: KEI) will join the recently formed standards organization. LXI (LAN extensions for instrumentation) is a next-generation, LAN-based modular platform standard for automated test systems. As a leader in solutions for emerging measurement needs, Keithley expands the base of test and measurement companies supporting the development of the LXI standard.

LXI combines built-in measurement science and PC-standard I/O connectivity from rack-and-stack instruments with the modularity and size reduction of cardcage-based systems. With LXI, engineers are able to leverage the software and measurement accuracy they currently have from their GPIB instruments to the test system. The LXI standard provides a basis for long life-cycle instrumentation implementations that are not limited by bandwidth, software or computer-dependent architectures.

“LXI’s LAN-based architecture provides the basis for efficient, modular instruments,” said Mark Hoersten, vice president of Keithley’s business management. “While there are other I/O bus standards, LAN-based systems offer exciting possibilities for test systems. We are excited to join the consortium and contribute to what we believe will be an industry-standard measurement platform.”

About Keithley

With more than 50 years of measurement expertise, Keithley Instruments is a world leader in advanced electrical test instruments and systems from DC to RF (radio frequency) geared to the specialized needs of electronics manufacturers for high-performance production testing, process monitoring, product development and research. By building on its strength in electrical measurement solutions for research, Keithley has become a production test technology leader for the semiconductor, wireless, optoelectronics and other precision electronics segments of the worldwide electronics industry. Keithley provides a combination of precision measurement technology and a rich understanding of their applications to improve the quality, throughput and yield of their customers’ products. More information about Keithley is available at

About the LXI Consortium

LXI is the next-generation, LAN-based modular architecture standard for automated test systems managed by the LXI Consortium, a not-for-profit corporation made up of leading test and measurement companies. The group’s goals are to develop, support and promote the LXI standard. LXI’s compact, flexible package, high-speed I/O, and prolific use of LAN meet the needs of aerospace defense engineers developing radar, electronic warfare, satellite and military communications systems.

A backgrounder on LXI is available here. Additional information about the LXI Consortium’s product offerings, licensing, specifications and membership is available at