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TRADE NEWS: LXI Consortium Joined by Rohde & Schwarz

MUNICH, Germany, Dec. 15, 2004 -- T he LXI Consortium today announced that Rohde & Schwarz joined the recently formed standards organization as a strategic member. LXI (LAN extensions for instrumentation) is a next-generation, LAN-based modular platform standard for automated test systems. As a leader in test and measurement instruments, systems and measurement solutions, Rohde & Schwarz expands the base of companies supporting the development of the LXI standard.

LXI combines built-in measurement science and PC-standard I/O connectivity from rack-and-stack instruments with the modularity and size reduction of cardcage-based systems. With LXI, engineers are able to leverage the software and measurement accuracy they currently have from their GPIB instruments to the test system. The LXI standard provides a basis for long life-cycle instrumentation implementations that are not limited by bandwidth, software, or computer-dependent architectures.

LXI is the next-generation instrumentation platform based on industry-standard Ethernet technology and provides modularity, flexibility and performance to small- and medium-sized systems. LXI’s compact, flexible package, high-speed I/O and reliable measurements meet the needs of R&D and manufacturing engineers delivering electronics for the aerospace/defense, automotive, industrial, medical and consumer electronics markets.

“We strongly support the move to open standards for modular instrument platforms,” said Roland Steffen, executive vice president of Rohde & Schwarz’ T&M division. “LAN is an ubiquitous interface in today’s test and measurement world, and LXI’s LAN-based architecture provides the basis for flexible, modular instruments for the aerospace, defense and communications markets.”

About Rohde & Schwarz

The Rohde & Schwarz group of companies, with headquarters in Munich, develops, produces and markets communications, information and T&M instruments and systems with the emphasis on mobile radio, broadcasting, general-purpose and RF test equipment, radio monitoring and radiolocation, radio communications as well as IT security. Rohde & Schwarz has subsidiaries and representatives in over 70 countries. In fiscal 2003/04, the group with its 6,150 employees achieved a turnover of 941 million euros worldwide. Information about Rohde & Schwarz is available at

About the LXI Consortium

LXI is the next-generation, LAN-based modular architecture standard for automated test systems managed by the LXI Consortium, a not-for-profit corporation made up of leading test and measurement companies. The group’s goals are to develop, support and promote the LXI standard. LXI’s compact, flexible package, high-speed I/O, and prolific use of LAN provides scaleable and modular solutions that meet the needs of aerospace defense engineers developing radar, electronic warfare, satellite and military communications systems, as well as addressing a broad range of industrial and commercial applications.

A backgrounder on LXI is available here. Additional information about the LXI Consortium’s product offerings, licensing, specifications and membership is available at