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Older Specifications

Version 1.5 LXI Specification

Version 1.5 of the LXI Specification consists of

(1) a core specification, LXI Device Specification 2016, to which all LXI Devices must conform; and

(2) a set of optional Extended Features, to which vendors may choose to conform. Vendors are required to declare to which Extended Functions (if any) they conform.

All Extended Functions are defined in separate documents. In the front sections of these documents they state to which rules an LXI Device must conform. If that Extended Function is supported, those rules may include common rules contained in the LXI Device Specification 2016, and may require that other extended rules have to be supported.

It should be noted that VXI-11 is now an Extended Function. Previous versions of the specification mandated VXI-11 support.

LXI Device Specification

LXI Device Specification 2016

LXI Interpretations and Clarifications for LXI Standard, Vers. 1.5

Extended Functions

Other Specification Documents

Conformance Documents

The following documents describe the LXI Consortium policies for certifying conformance and the application forms that vendors should use when making an application

Version 1.4 Specification

The LXI Device Specification 2011 Version 1.4 provides optional extended functions that differentiate LXI from LAN based instrumentation. Previous versions of the standard included a Class model for LXI devices. With Version 1.4 of the LXI specification, this Class structure has been removed – instead a “Core” LXI Specification is defined and a set of five optional Extended Functions. Each extension has conformance requirements in addition to the base class. An LXI device can include one or all of the Extended Functions. The following documents provide details of the Specification Version 1.4 and its Extended Functions:

Editorial and Information Documents

Version 1.3 Specification

Version 1.2 Specification

Version 1.1 Specification

Version 1.0 Specification