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LXI Version 1.6

The current version of the LXI specifications is LXI 1.6 2022, however an update is currently being ballotted which will be the official version of LXI 1.6. Download the 1.6 version of the specifications at: LXI 1.6 Specifications

Some new devices may certify conformance to older versions of the specifications. Those specifications and details regarding conformance are at: Certifiable LXI Specifications

LXI API Schemas

LXI defines a REST HTTP API that utilizes XSD schemas to define the parameters for the REST operations. The references to the most current, and historical versions of those schemas are at: LXI API Schemas

For details on the APIs, the schemas, and their use, see the LXI API Extended Function specification for the LXI generations 1.6 and newer.

Other Specification Documents

Conformance Documents

For information on LXI conformance, see: LXI Conformance Requirements

Editorial and Information Documents

Guide to LXI Documentation provides an overview of the documents used by the Consortium.

LXI Example and Reference Material includes example web pages and files, which are of value to vendors implementing LXI Devices.