LXI Conference Presentations



The LXI Primer

Download The LXI Primer

Everything you need to know about using LXI instruments

Guides for Using LXI

LXI Getting Started Guide, Building LXI-Based Test Systems, Introducing LXI to Your Network Administrator

LXI Discovery Tool

LXI Discovery Tool


Manage Instrumentation Costs with LXI Instruments
by LXI Consortium (1 MB)

Wired Trigger Bus Physical Aspects
by LXI Consortium (337 KB)

Recommendations for LXI systems containing devices supporting different versions of IEEE 1588
by LXI Consortium Timing and Synchronization Committee (285 KB)


Remote and Long Distance Data Acquisition Using LXI Instruments
by LXI Consortium (~4 min.)

Comparing LXI and PXI
by LXI Consortium (~8 min.)

Migrating from GPIB to LXI
by LXI Consortium (~7 min.)

LXI and Basic Remote Instrument Setup
by LXI Consortium (~6 min.)

The Rise of Smart Devices and The Cloud
by LXI Consortium (~13 min.)

Going Wireless with LXI
by LXI Consortium (~8 min.)

Going the Distance with Wireless LXI
by LXI Consortium (~10 min.)

Getting Around Firewalls and Network Security
by LXI Consortium (~13 min.)

LXI Specification Now Includes Support for IPv6 and HiSLIP
by LXI Consortium (~3 min.)

LXI Auto-discovery of Ethernet or LAN Instruments
by LXI Consortium (~3 min.)

LXI Ethernet/LAN Instrument Conformance or Compliance Testings
by LXI Consortium (~3 min.)


Getting the Most out of LXI Instruments With Embedded Web Applications
by LXI Consortium (118 KB)


Pickering's Experience of LXI Switching Applications
by David Owen, Business Development Mgr., Pickering Interfaces (~33 min.)

Programmable Power Supply Control for Spacecraft Environmental Testing
by Peter Allen, Xantrex (~20 min.)


LXinstruments: Standardizing Functional Test Systems based on LXI Instrumentation Savings Potential and Benefits
Klaus Diederich, LXinstruments (461 KB)


LXI Data-Acquisition System for Wind Tunnel Testing

LXI in Automotive FM Receiver Testing

Instrument Form Factors Offer RF Test Flexibility: Adding LXI to RF Interface Unit

EADS North America Test and Services introduces 1256L, LXI switching system

LXI Test System for Missile Launcher

Compact LXI Data Acquisition System Saves Gas Turbine Manufacturer Time and Ensures Reliability

LXI in Cloud Computing for Test and Measurement

Embracing LXI and PXI for Switching

Pulse Radar System Testing with LXI VNA

Whole-Body Vibration Testing Using LXI Devices

Designing a Vibration Measurement Application With LXI

LXI Positioned for Challenging Applications

Using LXI in Satellite System Testing

Safety Considerations for Configuring LXI-based ATE Systems When IP Addresses Become Logical Addresses

LXI Instrumentation applied to bioanalytical electrical characterization in life sciences and clinical analysis – article in Laboratory Equipment

LXI vs. PXI in Switching Applications

Connected Instruments: LXI and PXI systems serve applications including communications test and semiconductor characterization