Benefits of LXI


  • Confidence in an open industry interface standard
  • Freedom to select the right device for the application
  • Vendor agnostic operation
  • Obsolescence mitigation
  • Built-in IEEE 1588 provides powerful over-the-wire synchronization
  • Dedicated hardware trigger bus synchronization is needed
  • Peer-to-peer handshaking
  • Remote wireless access
  • Out-of-the-box operation
  • Confidence that instrumentation from different manufacturers will deliver compatible functionality

Enabling New Applications

  • Interoperable communications
  • Standardized interface
  • Seamless connectivity - local & global
  • IEEE 1588-2008 Time Synch - elimates time dependency
  • Succeeds GPIB for performance and cost
  • Programmed trigger events - time or signal
  • Single RTC
  • Post-execution analysis for throughput measurement


  • No costly interface cards and cables
  • LAN cables and routers/switches are inexpensive & ubiquitous
  • Elimate need for expensive card cages and slot-0 controllers
  • Small footprint with compact LXI devices
  • Faster test station integration
  • Minimize time through automatic discovery
  • Troubleshoot faster with built-in web browser
  • Quick check of test system functionality
  • Troubleshooting over distance
  • Fast test system software development
  • Simplify test system software

Ease of Use

  • Less resources
  • Reduce integration staff/time
  • Consistent instrument control and configuration to third-party software
  • Built-in web interface enables immediate verification of instrument connectivity (c/w GPIB, VXI, PXI)
  • Seamless synchronization with IEEE 1588
  • No plug-in adapter necessary - all PCs have Ethernet ports
  • Testing ensures multi-vendor interoperability

Download the LXI Primer to learn more about the benefits of LXI or contact us.