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Guides for Using LXI

These guides were written to aid the test system designer in building an LXI test system quickly and easily. They share best practices in key areas of interest connecting LXI Devices to LAN.

  • LXI Getting Started Guide
    Helps the first-time user of LXI Devices and focuses on simple direct connections as well as connecting within a typical company network.

    Connecting With LXI Video: Connecting With LXI is a clear, easy guide to building LXI test systems to be a supplemental tool for the "LXI Getting Started Guide".

  • Building LXI-Based Test Systems
    Expands upon LXI Getting Started Guide and illustrates how to configure basic test systems using LXI Devices.
  • Introducing LXI to Your Network Administrator
    LXI Devices act similarly to computers, and this guide is designed to help your Network Administrator understand how LXI Devices behave on LAN.
  • Maximizing Performance of LXI-Based Test System
    Performance basics for any test system is covered, and this also covers how LXI Devices can provide overlap processing to significantly improve test system performance.
  • Test Systems Using LXI
    Describes the types of systems that can be built from over 2600 LXI conformant products. Gives some typical real-life examples.

Additional reference aids for the documents above:

  • LXI Networking Basics
    Helps you learn more details about the concepts of Networking and how LAN devices interact with each other using Switches, Routers, etc.
  • Glossary of Networking Terms
    This document contains descriptions of all the various Networking terms found in the above documents.