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Benefits of LXI

LXI is the standard for LAN equipped instrumentation that helps reduce the time it takes to set up, configure, and debug test systems. LXI is an open, accessible standard based upon Ethernet that identifies specifications and solutions related to the functional test, measurement and data acquisition industries. Here are some key benefits of using LXI to build Test Systems:

  • Leverages the telecommunication industry infrastructure
  • Lowers test system cost using ubiquitous and inexpensive LAN components
  • Simplifies system integration
  • Provides high performance
  • Ensures broad instrument availability
  • IVI Driver requirement standardizes look and feel between products
  • Built-in Web Server for remote access and control of device

These above points are included in the base or Core Features of all LXI Devices. In addition, there are a number of LXI Devices that include the Extended Functionality, making it possible for LXI Devices to communicate with each other using hardware triggers, LAN packets, or based upon time synchronization:

  • LXI Wired Trigger Bus Extended Function
  • LXI Event Messaging Extended Function
  • LXI Clock Synchronization Extended Function
  • LXI Timestamped Data Extended Function
  • LXI Event Logs Extended Function
  • LXI VXI-11 LAN Discovery and Identification Extended Function
  • LXI HiSLIP Extended Function
  • LXI IPv6 Extended Function

The next link, LXI Primer, on the left includes additional information about these and other benefits of LXI.